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Hungerford Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Healthcare Reviews

Warm and Friendly!

Upon arrival I received a warm and friendly welcome I didn’t have to wait for long and then met Rebecca. Rebecca made me feel very relaxed and comfortable she explained how we would progress going forwards I felt reassured. Very pleased indeed. Thank you!

- Andrew F.

Great Staff and Clinic

All staff are very kind and well trained. The clinic is very friendly, clean and nice.

- Andreea B.

A Chiropractor That Listens

After three months of starting my chiropractic treatment with Josh my pains have disappeared. However due to my advanced age in each new session I present him with a new discomfort. At every opportunity Josh always gives me advice and explanations about the cause of my new discomfort. I am very grateful for his patience; he always listens to me and I can now move more easily than before

- Elena A.

So Glad I Made This Appointment

When I first came to Josh I was practically doubled over with back and leg pain, he has got my mobility back to where I can live a pain-free life, my only regret is that I didn’t know how much a difference a chiropractor can make to your whole well-being, I am so glad too that I made that first appointment.

- Jacky S.

Finally, a solution!

Reassuring to find a solution to my knee problem, especially as the treatment’s are beginning to work.

- Marilyn W.

Rebecca Has Been My Saviour

Rebecca has been my saviour during what was up until I found her an incredibly painful and debilitating pregnancy. After my appointments I walk out feeling like a normal person. The one session I missed due to covid meant I hobbled into the next session but walked out with a spring in my step a half an hour later. Everyone here is so friendly, it makes it a pleasure to come for each appointment. Pregnancy tiredness prevented me from doing as many exercises as I normally would but they helped a lot when I do them!

- Jessica C.

I Am So Happy

I am so happy. I can now play sports with the children, I do ache afterward but I don’t mind that. My sleeping has improved big time and my headaches have gone away. I feel so much happier. The ease of movement without stiffness is great. Getting up in the morning without aches and being stiff is wonderful. I can also bend much easier and driving the car with the help of a cushion has made such a difference.
- Sarah T.

A Warm Welcome the Moment You Walk In

I would recommend Hungerford Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Healthcare. You have a very warm welcome from the moment you walk in. I have been in pain for a long time and have a lack of mobility. After my first treatment, I came out feeling better. I am now just past the halfway stage of my plan, and I’m beginning to feel like a new person. Rebecca has also given me advice on the best supplements to take. Thanks so much.

- Sarah

Posture Has Started to Improve

My overall posture has really started to improve during this phase of treatment – holding myself better then tends to make me feel better in and about myself in general (particularly on my wedding day as I had been quite self-conscious about my neck/shoulder/posture) Thank you!

- Alice P.

I Can Excercise without Taking Pain Relief

I am extremely happy with the care I have received. This has been the only treatment that has ever relieved my headaches. I have suffered from headaches and migraines since I can remember, but now I am able to participate in things I used to never do as I was always guaranteed a headache. Being able to exercise without taking pain relief is amazing!

- Hannah M.

They Make Everyone Feel Comfortable

Having had spinal & hip surgery over the past few years my core strength and general mobility have been poor. The treatment I have received over the past few months has definitely improved all areas and in addition, I am now able to return to driving short distances. Rebecca and her amazing team are sympathetic to patients and make everyone feel comfortable when visiting the practice. I would highly recommend this chiropractic service.

- Daphne W.

A Huge Success

Coming to my appointments is pure joy. I always feel a million times better and I can see the changes in my body.

I think it’s something that everyone should do. I haven’t had a migraine since starting my treatment which is a HUGE success. Plus I’m sleeping like the dead.

- Whitney

A Lovely Experience

The whole experience was lovely. Welcoming smiles. Rebecca fetched me from the waiting room which is a welcoming gesture. Very professional and approachable, excellent knowledge. Thank you team, I will absolutely recommend you.

- Carol F.

Feeling Much Better

I was so pleased to be diagnosed correctly and have full confidence that in time I will feel much better and be able to function as I used to.

- Angela W.

Professional And Caring Service

Thanks to Rebecca, with the combination of professional advice and a number of adjustments and a treatment plan, my lower back pain and shoulder pain have improved greatly, to the point of being able to get back to my regular daily activities without the previous complaints.

I would thoroughly recommend Hungerford Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Healthcare and Rebecca and her team to anyone who is considering seeing a professional due to any of their own issues.

- Richard F.

Can’t Recommend Highly Enough

Professional and caring service. Dr Rebecca Mitchell has looked after my adjustments for the past six years. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She certainly “has my back.”

- Pam M.

Life Has Improved Immeasurably

Since starting last June with Rebecca I have made noticeable improvements. At the start, I was in pain down my legs and could hardly walk and even had to resort to a stick at times. Gradually however she had “mended” me so that I can now walk freely (for an 80 year old anyway!) and life for me has improved immeasurably.

- M. Hammond

Joint Pain Has Disappeared

At the start of this process, I didn’t believe I’d be feeling this good. The mere mention of stress & pain made me burst into tears. As my pain became more manageable, I felt more able to tackle some of my stress and remain committed to improve that aspect of my life. Rebecca recommended food supplements Vit D +K2, Vit B12 & magnesium, along with gentle exercises and regular Epsom salt baths. I have felt an improvement in my wellbeing. Pain in my joints has virtually disappeared and I’m convinced that by keeping up a better routine I can reduce it further. Grateful for all the help I’ve received to date! Thank you!

- C.


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