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Hungerford Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Healthcare Reviews

A Huge Success

Coming to my appointments are a pure joy. I always feel a million times better and I can see the changes in my body.

I think it’s something that everyone should do. I haven’t had a migraine since starting my treatment which is a HUGE success. Plus I’m sleeping like the dead.

- Whitney

A Lovely Experience

The whole experience was lovely. Welcoming smiles. Rebecca fetched me from the waiting room which is a welcoming gesture. Very professional and approachable, excellent knowledge. Thank you team, I will absolutely recommend you.

- Carol F.

Feeling Much Better

I was so pleased to be diagnosed correctly and have full confidence that in time I will feel much better and be able to function as I used to.

- Angela W.

Enjoying Life Again

Before starting chiropractic care I had acute and chronic back pain which inhibited my day today functioning due to pain and soreness.

Since starting chiropractic care the acute pain has resolved and my chronic soreness has markedly improved meaning I can move freely and enjoy functioning on a day-to-day basics. Thank you Rebecca!

Very Pleased and Confident

I am very pleased and feel confident that my health problem can be improved.

- Andy M.

Professional And Caring Service

Thanks to Rebecca, with the combination of professional advice and a number of adjustments and a treatment plan, my lower back pain and shoulder pain have improved greatly, to the point of being able to get back to my regular daily activities without the previous complaints.

I would thoroughly recommend Hungerford Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Healthcare and Rebecca and her team to anyone who is considering seeing a professional due to any of their own issues.

- Richard F.

Feeling Confident

Thank you, I feel confident that Rebecca will be able to sort out my back problem.

- Carole C.

Felt Much Better After Only One Visit

Excellent, many thanks. Felt so much better already after only one visit. Just wish I’d have booked in earlier.

- Matthew H.

Can’t Recommend Highly Enough

Professional and caring service. Dr Rebecca Mitchell has looked after my adjustments for the past six years. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She certainly “has my back.”

- Pam M.

I Feel Confident

Having just had my first appointment with Rebecca I now feel confident that I might be able to do the things I want to do in the near future.

- Tracey W.

Thank You

Thank you for helping me today. I am amazed by the results and all after just the first meeting! I haven’t felt so positive about getting rid of pain for ages.

- Baeta C.

Very Impressed with My First Visit

I was very impressed with my first visit to the practice. I felt welcome and Rebecca was extremely professional, knowledgeable and she instilled absolute confidence so that I felt I was in the best hands.

- Mary S.

So Pleased

I have been so pleased with my time spent at the practice and am anticipating that my time there will mean an improvement for me generally.

- Madelene H.

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