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New Practice Members at
Hungerford Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Healthcare

It can seem daunting to go to a new healthcare professional. At Hungerford Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Healthcare, we want to put you at ease. Our entire staff is friendly and welcoming, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment allowing you to feel confident you’ve made the right decision in choosing us to take care of you.

If you’re visiting Hungerford Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Healthcare for the first time, we’d like you to know exactly what to expect…

Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill in our New Practice Member forms, and if possible, wear comfortable clothes to your appointment.

Getting Started

You will be welcomed by our front-of-house Clinical Assistant in our waiting area. We will then ask you to fill out some paperwork related to your complaint if this hasn’t been done beforehand.

You’ll be walked through the entire visit by your practitioner, who will meet with you and take you to a private consultation room. You’ll discuss your reasons for attending, how they are affecting your life, your past medical history and your lifestyle habits.

A thorough examination will follow, this looks at how you move, your posture, your muscular tone and includes orthopaedic and neurological testing. Your examination is designed to locate imbalances or dysfunction in your body that could be causing your problem.

Please allow an hour of your time for this appointment, it gives us an opportunity to assess your case thoroughly, discuss your suitability for care and if we are the right place for you. The next stage is to organise your Report of Findings.

  • Friendly and professional. Thank you!
    -Claire T.
  • A friend recommended I see a chiropractor for my sciatica, so I searched online and rang and got a consultation here within 3 days. It was the best move I have ever made. After the initial consultation, I have had only 1 treatment so far but am so much more aware of how my spine is affecting my whole body. I look forward to how I am going to feel as the weeks go by.
    -Jacqueline S.
  • Top class service. I have booked again, That tells you all you need to know!!!
    -Brian E.
  • Excellent first visit. Andy listened to the problems I’m having with my knees, examined them and came up with a treatment plan. I look forward to starting. Highly recommend this practice.
    -Tina T.
  • Can’t thank you enough for what you do here, it’s the best thing I have found
    -Jacky S.
  • Before I visited Josh, I had constant pain in my neck and left shoulder, and my right hip “clicked” when I stood up. The pain and stiff shoulder are both resolved, and my hip is only a problem now when I have been sitting for too long.
    -Denise G.
  • I am very pleased and feel confident that my health problem can be improved.
    -Andy M.
  • Josh helped me already with my second visit. I can only say a big thank you!
    -Julia I.
  • Thank you, I feel confident that Rebecca will be able to sort out my back problem.
    -Carole C.
  • Great first visit with Evie was very good, she was knowledgeable and informative. Although for a small person she did give me some stick.  Thank you, I have another appointment booked, I went swimming this morning and it does appear to have some improvement!
    -David L.
  • After suffering years of pain I was immediately put at ease with the professional way I was treated- had a very detailed Consultation with Rebecca who clearly understood all my MRI results – she explained what the results meant and explained how she can help .
    -Siobhan I.
  • I arrived skeptical, but so far josh has been really excellent. I am now intrigued to see what more can be achieved. I have already recommended Josh to someone else.
    -Tom B.
  • Josh has been wonderful so far. Very keen to explain what he’s seeing and how he intends to treat it, plus forwarded on some additional stretches via email that I really wasn’t expecting. Overall he seems to really know his stuff. Whilst I can only speak for myself, the way he treats patients really puts them at ease and feeling calm about the situation. Overall I couldn’t be happier with my initial dealings and hopefully things continue along the same vein and also are successful.
    -Rob S.
  • Friendly welcome with helpful and cheerful staff. Andy is the first physio I have visited and his explanation of my issue and the treatment I require were both clear and concise.
    -Andy M.
  • Excellent, many thanks. Felt so much better already after only one visit. Just wish I’d have booked in earlier.
    -Matthew H.
  • Everyone involved has been amazing! Getting a very warm welcome and being made to feel at home straight away so far been amazing. Everything has been explained to me perfectly to understand my treatment, putting my mind at ease straight away. Faultless from the get go!
    -Josh S.
  • I was initally quite nervous, but Josh made me feel really comfortable at my appointments, really listened to what I had to say and incorporated that into our plan. Really excited to start and have feel like I am in really good hands!
    -Beth H.
  • Thank you so much for an informative first appointment! I immediately felt at ease and able to talk through my issues in detail without feeling rushed.
    -Alice S.

You’ll arrive and be directed to a consult room by one of our team. Your practitioner will meet you to go over the following:

  • What we have found,
  • How we can help you,
  • How long it’ll take,
  • How much it will cost.

We are here FOR YOU, so will answer any questions or concerns at this stage. When you are ready to get started, we will then go over an informed consent and commence care.

We recommend that you book in for your future appointments in advance, ensuring you get the days and times that work best for you. Allow an hour for this appointment.

Your follow-up visits are quicker, it doesn’t take long to get fully adjusted and ready for the day ahead. You’ll be re-evaluated on a regular basis; this gives us an idea of how your body is changing and what direction your care should take next.

We respect that everyone is individual and has different health goals, and we will work with you to decide what is right for your ongoing health and happiness.

It’s always your decision, whether you choose regular care to keep you at your full potential or you come back and forth when you feel you need to, whatever your choice, we are here for you.

We accept all major credit cards, with the exception of American Express. If you have insurance, we will provide you with an invoice so you can get reimbursed, we don’t invoice insurance companies on your behalf.

Contact Us

Hungerford Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Healthcare is upstairs in The Croft Hall. There is first come first serve parking on site and also on street parking nearby. Please press the Ring doorbell on the left of the main doors and we will buzz you in, then follow the stairs on your right up to our welcome area. You can easily reach us via the bus or the train station.

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