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Family Chiropractic

Hungerford Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Healthcare is a family-orientated practice, people of all ages are welcome. We are happy to provide care to entire families, our practice members include pregnant women, babies and children, all the way up to seniors. We understand that the benefits of chiropractic care expand to all people regardless of age or condition, and that is why we believe in beginning chiropractic adjustments as early as possible. We can make sure your entire family is well-adjusted!

Babies, Infants and Children

Some parents received chiropractic care during pregnancy and bringing their baby in for a checkup seems like the natural next step. Other parents may have a particular concern about their baby, such as feeding problems, digestive issues or a significant bump or fall. Starting care early in life can be a great advantage for children. Rebecca adjusted Isla the day after she was born.

The chiropractic process is very similar for babies, infants and children. We use different adjusting techniques to suit the age and developmental stage of your child. The adjustment itself is much softer for our younger practice members. It may involve a simple light ‘touch and hold’ technique or the use of a gentle adjusting instrument. The care your child receives will be individualised to what they need and what we find from their evaluation process.

Hungerford Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Healthcare is a child-friendly practice, our entire staff are used to interacting at a level your child will understand and feel comfortable with. Our practitioners will explain what they, and you, can expect and take it slowly with them to build trust. When your child comes to the practice we won’t insist on an adjustment before they feel ready.

The birthing process can be a very challenging experience for both mother and baby. Natural vaginal births can create pressure on the skull and neck of the baby, whilst c-sections and instrument assisted deliveries can cause even more pressure and trauma. Regardless of the birthing process, these pressures can result in dysfunction, spinal misalignment and dural tension from birth.

Chiropractic care aims to restore balance and ‘unwind’ tension to improve spinal and cranial function and remove interference to the nervous system. It is important that children are checked at each milestone or after any significant fall or bump as this is what can cause imbalances within their bodies and nervous systems.

As children grow and develop their bodies deal with changing stressors. Poor posture is on the rise due to heavy rucksacks, increased use of technology, and a more sedentary lifestyle. This poor posture can create added pressure on the spine, especially the neck and upper back. Chiropractic aims to help prevent problems, such as headaches and spinal dysfunction that can continue into adulthood and cause longer term health issues.

The good news is children have been shown to respond rapidly to chiropractic care. As they are growing and adapting constantly, results may happen faster than expected.

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