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Love You this Valentine's Day

We typically think of Valentine’s Day as day invented by card companies to either force us into a day of romance or to torment us if we are single. This year, why not change your thoughts surrounding this day and make it a day to love and nurture YOU!

We work stressful jobs, worry about the needs of others above our own, and struggle with the constant pressure of being a good partner, a good parent or being a good person! But when do you allow yourself some down time? This Valentine’s Day why not treat yourself (and the other half if you like) to a wonderful day of you! Book time out or away and really give yourself the chance to rest and relax. And for all those other 364 days of the year, here are some tips to try and minimise the build up of stress:

Top 5 tips for Surviving Stress:

  • Become friendly with the saying “I can’t fix or do everything”.

    You are not Superwoman or Batman and you shouldn’t try to be. Learn to delegate to your work colleagues, family members and, if you have them, get the kids mucking in more with jobs around the house.

  • Take 5 Minutes

    At the end of the day, take 5 minutes to concentrate on deeply breathing in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth. Allow your body a ‘time out’ so you can properly wind down for a relaxing evening.

  • Eat Well

    Remember that what you put into your body has a massive impact of how you feel and perform. It greatly influences the energy you can bring to your life. Try to choose natural whole foods as often as possible, preferably with a fantastic mix of colour, and remember to drink plenty of water.

  • Recruit a Team of Professionals.

    Chiropractors alongside Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists and Meditation Professionals will do wonders for any stress that you may be experiencing. They are all in the business of developing your Optimal Health and work fantastically well together.

  • Go for a 15 Minute Walk Every Day.

    Park further down the road from work or the train station, drop the kids off at school and make time for a quick stroll or get the whole family out at the weekends for a wonderful long walk in the beautiful countryside surrounding us! Rid yourself of negative thoughts and just enjoy being in the fresh outdoors.

Why not take the plunge and come and meet us! On Tuesday 11th February we have an open invite Indulgence Evening at Hungerford Chiropractic Healthcare. Starting at 6:30pm we will have free taster sessions available to all from therapeutic massage and hot stone reflexology to nutritional consults and lingerie! For those of you who would like to know more about how Chiropractic can support you, it’s a great excuse to come along and ask us questions and have a free spinal assessment! We look forward to seeing you there!

Yours in Health,

Book of the month:

Robert M. Sapolsky. Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers.

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