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Hungerford Chiropractic : Supporting Pregnancy through Chiropractic

Many of our mums-to-be choose to have regular chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy to allow them to prepare for a more fulfilling and relaxing birth experience, whether that be at home or in a hospital environment.

We use specific techniques to stabilise your pelvis and align your spine, which can help to relieve the discomfort associated with your pregnancy, without having to turn to medications. The treatment is extremely safe and gentle for mum and baby and can play an important role in supporting your ever changing body and creating the best possible environment for your baby to grow.

We also offer lifestyle advice regarding your posture, nutrition and exercise to get your body not only prepared for birth but for working towards a quick recovery afterwards.

What happens after I give birth?

The process of childbirth places great stress on your spine and pelvis, and the supporting muscles and ligaments. When you give birth, hormones are released that cause these ligaments to become more supple.

This can make you more susceptible to injury, which can leave you feeling very uncomfortable whilst feeding, bathing and picking up your child. We recommend a follow up appointment to assess any structural changes that may have occurred during labour.

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