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Progress Visit

It’s impossible for us to predict exactly how you will respond to chiropractic care. Everyone’s so different. We’ll have a much better idea after a dozen visits or so.


We’ll conduct several of the tests we performed on your first visit. This will give us a way to compare where you are now, in relation to where you were when you started your care. Obviously, this is essential for plotting a more accurate plan for your future care.


If you are making great progress, as verified by objective examination protocols, we can modify your care plan accordingly. With the momentum established from the intensive schedule during the early part of your care, we can often reduce your visit frequency without sacrificing continued progress.

It is usually around this time that our practice members are feeling significantly better. Now is the time for us to work on really healing your supporting muscles and ligaments to help you regain full health and try to prevent any relapses.

It is also an important time for us to review your health goals to ensure that we are best serving you.

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