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More Hungerford Chiropractic Healthcare Testimonials

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Sheena B.“I have been coming to Hungerford Chiropractic Healthcare for some-time now, originally with a problem with my neck. The treatment I have received has not only greatly improved my physical well-being and my posture, but also my mental well-being!

I love coming to the clinic, everyone is always so pleasant and kind, especially the wonderful Heidi. Even without the treatment, the visit itself is good for the soul.

I can thoroughly recommend this clinic to anyone with problems with their joints.

Sheena B.


“I feel stronger and more stable since Heidi and Tessa have been helping me with my back. Their holistic approach has really helped me.”

Bernadette R.

“I have been coming to be sorted out and put back together for longer that I care to mention, but I’m glad that you arrived in Hungerford. Otherwise, I would still be an old crock, instead of feeling great most of the time. A very big thank you to you all for making me change my life style in more ways than one and think about ways to help my body. As one of you says . “totally awesome!!” Many many thanks.”

Flossie J.

Blake Kids

“I feel really happy to have fun here.”

R. & E. Blake

Shelley Harris

“I feel extremely lucky to have discovered Hungerford Chiropractic Healthcare after continually trying to relieve the pain I’d suffered in my neck and mid back. After deciding that I would probably have to live with the pain for life I tried Chiropractic as a last resort. If only I had gone there first!”



“Heidi has enabled me to change my whole life.  She has educated me to choose a healthier diet, manage my stress and be a happy and healthy person with chiropractic now an important part of my life. I have never felt so good!”

Matt Stroud

heidi-and-cicely-gift “I expected to hear that my problems were age related wear and tear. To my surprise the course of treatment and encouragement has greatly relieved the aches and pains, giving me confidence to keep active. So much better than sitting around with pain killers! The cheery and friendly welcome by the receptionists puts one at ease. Many thanks for a new lease of life.”

Cicely F.

Jayne Webster

“I greatly appreciate that I receive all round holistic treatment which includes support during times of emotional stress. This alongside the care of my bones and joints – what more can one ask for!”

Jayne Webster

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