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Hungerford Chiropractic For Babies

We use very specific and gentle techniques, often a very light finger pressure contact, over your baby’s spine and cranium (head) to relieve any restrictions or tensions through your baby’s body.

We also use a special baby pillow that supports and moulds around your baby to allow them to feel comfy and relaxed.

The birth process can be a physically traumatic experience for your baby due to the twisting and compressing forces as your baby goes through the birth canal.

Babies that are born via assisted deliveries (vontousse or forceps) or by caesarean section are known to have even more pressure placed on their spine.

Here at Hungerford Chiropractic Healthcare we know that a healthy spine and nervous system is essential to a child’s development and therefore recommend getting your baby checked for any misalignments within their spine early.

Getting them checked really does give them the best start in life through safe, gentle and drug free care.

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